Yoga is more than physical fitness

Yoga is more than a physical exercise. Yoga is a journey into self love and mindfulness. I started my yoga journey almost two years ago and it has completely changed my outlook on myself and life. You learn to know your own body and how to listen to even the slightest queue that it may give. Yoga not only connects you more to yourself, but also the universe and everything in it! You begin to a feel a sense of connectedness that you have never felt before. You become one with the earth, the sky, and the entire cosmos.


Self Love

A journey of true self love is not something one does over night. Self love is something that comes out of the realization that, not only does it not matter what people think or say about you, but also the realization of how trivial and small most problems are.

My journey of true self love began at the beginning of last year (2017). I was having a hard time dealing with the stress of balancing school, 3 jobs, and an ever fading personal life. I ended up quitting one of my jobs because I realized I was stressing myself out over a company that could care less if I left and would replace within a day. After doing so I became quite content but something was still missing. I discovered the beauty of natural healing, meditation, yoga, crystals, and other things of that nature. I was hooked from the jump.

Meditation became a daily practice for me (still is today) and yoga, a weekly practice. I discovered my true self within my physical body. I discovered the eternal energy that flows through each and everything in this universe. Out of these discoveries, came a greater and deeper love for myself and everything around me. I feel the life energy and the love that radiates from it. I feel connected. I feel whole. I feel like one.

Wanderer’s Spirit

I have a wanderers spirit. I get bored when things stay the same for too long. It doesn’t matter how much money I make or how stable it it, I get restless and need something new. I am happiest with ever changing scenery and the freedom to explore every opportunity that comes my way.

How do I know this you may ask? I know this because when things in my life stay the same for too long I begin to get depressed, irritated, and have trouble focusing and these feelings do not go away or change until I change something or go somewhere.

Though these feelings of entrapment can be troublesome, the wanderers spirit contained within me is such a beautiful thing. It’s allows me to embark on new journeys without fear. I have no regrets about anything I have ever done because, whether good or bad, they have made me who I am today.

I have a wanderers spirit. A fire that burns infinitely within me, for which the thrill of a new journey is the fuel. I have a wanderers spirit.

My Spirituality


In my eyes, being spiritual is something completely different from being religious. I am not a religious person. I do not believe in a god or gods, I do not go to church, and I do not pray.

I am a spiritual person. I believe that there is an eternal energy that flows through everything on this earth and in the universe. I believe that this energy takes different forms such as a person, a tree, a rock, anything really. I believe in mother earth and that nature has its own way of healing. There are an abundant amount of healing herbs and crystals that come straight from the earth that have an immense amount of healing ability; for example, the lavender plant, when used in a tea or as an oil, can bring about a strong relaxed state. I believe that the moon has a strong effect on our daily lives; take the ocean tides for an example. The ocean tides are controlled by the gravitational pull of the moon. Our bodies are made of about 70% water, so the moon’s gravitational force more than likely has some sort of effect on us, as it does the water in the ocean. I believe that with enough self-love and focus anyone can make themselves happy no matter the situation they are in. I meditate daily and do yoga as often as I can and these simple mindfulness practices have changed me immensely; I have not had an anxiety attack since I began these practices and I have been much happier overall!

I do not believe in trying to convince or force others to believe in something they do not wish to believe in. Everyone has there own ways of being on this beautiful planet and should be left to be the way they wish to be.

Summer of Self Love

Today marks the beginning of my summer vacation! I am more excited than ever for this four month break because of what I plan to do with my time. I am dedicating this entire summer to the start of my spiritual journey into self love and love for all that is. I am extending my yoga practice to everyday and starting and ending each day with meditation. I am reading and painting more, because I don’t have time to do so when I have classes. I am also going to begin my attempt at transitioning to a healthier diet and maybe eventually going vegan, but that is a long ways off. I am overwhelmed with excitement to begin this journey inward to connect with my higher self! I am truly grateful for the life I have and want to treat it as such.

I am meant to be free


“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.” ~ Princess Diana~

I am not meant to be a college student. I am not meant to work your typical nine to five jobs. I am not meant to live an average stationary life.  I am not average. I feel overwhelmed, constricted, and suppressed in the average life situations that I am currently living. I do not wish to be a nurse, a psychologist, or a lifeguard.  I wish to be free.

I am meant to live a life without borders, without fear of judgment by my family and loved ones because I do not live the typical life. I am meant to travel, to see the world and everything that resides within it. I am meant to help people by teaching them how to love and help themselves with the power of the earth and their own body and mind. I am meant to share my thoughts and experiences with others so that they to can get that feeling of wanderlust coursing through their veins. I am meant to live the life that my soul desires and not the life that others wish me to have. I am meant to be free.